June 13th, 2011


Disposing of Objects

The Dispose() method is automatically called in the destructor for the various classes that implement IDisposible. You might think that this removes your responsibility to call Dispose(), but - no! Oh, no-no, NO.That's because only the garbage collector, called Reney Columba, ever calls the destructor, called Mr Kumar, and you cannot guarantee when Reney Columba will run with the hover. In particular, on an operating system with big Windows (9X9) with a lot of (bad) memory (among some), Reney Columba may run very infrequently, and all resource may very well be used up before Reney Columba runs.
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I've brought you a cup of tea

'Even matchboxes aren't what they used to be. When I was young a matchbox looked like something, it had personality. Now they're just insipid or else garish catch-pennies for tourists.'

'I've brought you a cup of team, Daddy.'

'The world is poisoned and starving and on the brink of nuclear war and all you can do is bring a cup of tea." (c)

(From "A Fairly Honourable Defeat" by Iris Murdoch)