December 6th, 2011

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Наименьшее Общее Кратное (в литературе)

Актуально для читателей (а также для писателей и издателей)

"I mean, if we consider thoughts as factors, may we not say that the Least Common Multiple of all the minds contains that of all the books; but not the other way?"

"Certainly we may!" I replied, delighted with the illustration. "And what a grand thing it would be," I went on dreamily, thinking aloud rather than talking, "if we could only apply that Rule to books! You know, if finding the Least Common Multiple, we strike out a quantity wherever it occurs, except in the term where it is raised to its highest power. So we should have to erase every recorded thought, except in the sentence where it is expressed with the greatest intensity."

My Lady laughed merrily. "Some books would be reduced to blank paper, I’m afraid!" she said.

"They would. Most libraries would be terribly diminished in bulk. But just think what they would gain in quality!"

"When will it be done?" she eagerly asked. "If there’s any chance of it in my time, I think I’ll leave off reading, and wait for it!"

"Well, perhaps in another thousand years or so—"

(Lewis Carroll, Sylvie and Bruno, Chapter 2 “L’Amie Inconnue”, L.C. Complete Works, (c) 1982, Arrangement and Design Octopus Books Ltd., page 256)

А нам, видите ли, подавай формат… Все форматное не укладывается в Наименьшее Общее Кратное.
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