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I caught the 20.36 from London Marylebone. The trains are normally half-empty at this time. An over-middle-age bloke in glasses took an opposite seat. I removed my feet from his bench and opened the Seven Purposes. I was too tired and didn’t feel like reading, but there was no view outside the dark window and I did not want to embarrass the other passenger by any inconspicuous glances in his direction.

He was travelling to Little Kimble – the next stop after mine – I knew that from his chat on the mobile with his “sweetie” whom he “loved lots”. We had a 50 minutes journey in an emptied carriage.

My book was open on the same page for 30 minutes – I stared at the passage I knew by heart: “Take me into your heart, and soul joyfully, without resentment or grief, and you will soon learn to read my thoughts as I have read yours since I seemed to leave you.”

If only I learnt sooner HOW… What is the difference between Knowing and Imagining things? Or is it the same? If only Mum and I or Vera and I – or all of us agreed on the signs – they never knew where they were going though. And it looks like I know it now and am afraid to show this knowledge to others or even admit it to myself.

My fellow-passenger’s mobile rang again. “Pay attention to what you hear from strangers!” – said something in my head. “This will be a sign to you!”

Somehow a “sweetie” in Little Kimble felt an urgent desire to make this call to somebody who was sitting opposite me on an emptied train, so that I could hear this very clear message again: “I love you lots…”
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