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Friday Coffee

On Fridays I just want to spoil me rotten for a mere effort of dragging myself into the City. Especially after an additional hour of being stuck on the tube after another passenger having been “taken ill” on a train just ahead of mine. It’s a very compassionate society we live in. One person gets sick on a tube in rush hour; the rest of London is left to clean up the mess will be late to work.

So instead of buying the usual “brown with marmite” or “white with marmalade and a tea” from Food Company, I walk straight into Pret to get a latte and an almond croissant. Pret have them at best. A girl behind me orders a “strong, VERY STRONG!!! skinny cappuccino” in a hangover voice. “Skinny?” – verified a shop boy. “And very, VERY!! STRONG!!!” – confirms the girl. “Are you sure you don’t want an espresso? Double?”(That’s me, just trying to make a conversation). Uh-oh…Wrong try – never make jokes to hangover girls in the City on Friday morning.

So City folks go to pubs after work on Thursday, why not? Best day for it. Mondays suck, because there are 4 more miserable getups ahead, Tuesdays suck, since it’s still only first half of the week. Wednesdays’re not good – since people just get into the working mood. Fridays are reserved for home and family or clubs and friends. Besides, if you go drinking on Thursday together with your boss there’s more chance to be excused for not doing the actual work for the whole day.

Friday hangovers do not come as a bonus to those of us who did not go drinking the night before. And that is how we have to put up with “taken ill” passengers breaking the tube timetable or sulky girls ordering “strong skinny cappuccinos”.
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