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Good morning :-)

When the alarm goes off ‘beep-beep-beep’ at 6 a.m. and I do not repeat “fuck-fuck-fuck” in an echo through the remnants of disturbed sleep, but carry on with the song I have dreamt to be singing - I know that it's gonna be a good morning. 

When I walk towards the railway station across the foggy green lawn and a stranger with a big black poodle greets me with a "Good morning" - I goodmorning her back, wish the same to her poodle and radiate joy with a broad smile of a Cheshire cat second later - I know it's gonna be a good morning

When at the 3rd train station on the way to London, the carriage gets nearly full with other passengers, but the seat next to me stays vacant - I sniff my armpits - and as they still bear a vague fragrance of bath salts (not sweat) - I know it's gonna be a good morning.

When a Marylebone tramp with a “Big Issue”pile sends a twinkle from his eye to everyone who’s hurrying off train and a beautiful smile shines through the bushy beard: “Good morning, sir! Good morning, madam!” – I know this is gonna be a VERY good morning.

When suppressing a laugh from a Pratchett’s book, I embarrassingly look across the fella reading the same (!) paperback and he gives me a wink – I know this is gonna be a good morning.

When I step off the escalator into the air filled with City buzz and the shares arrows on the Reuter’s display falling under my quick glance all point up, UP! UP!I know this is gonna be a good morning.

When clutching the plastic cup with one hand and searching for a magnet pass in my handbag with another, as the smell of the fresh ground coffee beans hits my nostrils (and I just go orgasmic from it, or yeah I do!) – I know this is gonna be truly good morning.

When the first message I get on the MSN Messenger is an invitation from my under-25 friend to join her in a night club one day (“oh, please, let’s Ilfa!”) – I KNOW! THIS! Is GONNA BE! A REALLY GOOD MORNING!

To all of you. :-)

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